Rian Cassells, MTC.

Rian Cassells, MTC.


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Registered Psychotherapist, Experienced Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

As a psychotherapist and counselor with 30+ years experience, I know that, at its heart, effective psychotherapy is practical. It provides down-to-earth tools to deal with life’s inevitable hurdles, obstacles, and difficulties, eliminating symptoms such as anxiety, depression, fear and anger at their source.

How do we start? By looking at the issues—why you find them to be a problem, and what to do about it. Ongoing research in neuroscience is developing new ways of developing healthier responses to stress and uncomfortable emotions, such as anxiety, depression or anger. Today, we know more about the interaction of brain, mind, and body than ever before. This helps us to achieve new ways of thinking about, and experiencing, life’s difficulties. Such techniques provide us with the tools to forge new ways to understand how we think, what we feel, how to improve self-regulation of those thoughts, emotions, reactions, and behaviours. This modern mind-body approach to human issues will enable you to experience life from a wider perspective and begin mastering your own emotions and reactions.

My Background
My relevant experience began when I started my professional life in the UK, articled to a lawyer practicing family law. Following my legal training, I moved into business, helping organizations from start-ups to multinationals, both on the front lines and in the boardroom. I have lived and worked on several continents, gaining a first-hand understanding of multicultural perspectives.

My unique combination of therapeutic skills and professional experience enables me to work closely with my clients—from young professionals just starting out to accomplished executives—assisting them to identify and resolve their all-too-human problems, both professional and personal.

My Location
In my Toronto office at Bay and Bloor, I work with individuals and couples. It is situated close to Bay subway station, with Green P parking around the corner. The building is fully wheelchair accessible. For in-office sessions, daytime and evening appointments are available, as are early mornings—starting at 7:00 am. For my international clients and those who travel out of town frequently, I provide sessions via Skype and/or phone.

Call 416.939.0902 or email info@nullexperiencedtherapy.com for a free consultation, where you can ask questions and get a sense of how you and I might work together. The purpose of this initial meeting is for us to determine whether I am the right therapist for you.